What plants crave: Green Drinks 9/18

September 5, 2008 at 9:45 pm Leave a comment

Every garden needs a drink now and then. Water is great…but it can get a little dull day in and day out.

In Mike Judge’s brilliant film “Idiocracy” (2006), a pair of Americans time travel to 2505 to find that the country has grown dumb and dumber. One of the chief problems is that no crops will grow, because our nation’s farms are irrigated with Brawndo sports drink, aka The Thirst Mutilator. The American public is led to believe that Brawndo is best for plants, because according to its advertisers, “It’s got what plants crave, it’s got electrolytes!”

Not to be confused with Brawndo…Green Drinks is a worldwide network of informal happy hours for people who are interested in environmental issues. Providence Green Drinks is sponsored by the RI Environmental Network. I’m thrilled that Green Zone, Firehouse 13, and Glasswing Design will co-host the next Providence Green Drinks.

Here’s the lowdown for Providence Green Drinks in the Green Zone:
DATE/TIME: Thirsty Third Thursday, September 18, 5pm – 8pm
LOCATION: Firehouse 13 is located at 41 Central Street, Providence. 401-272-1801.
GETTING THERE: Green Drinks encourages Earth-friendly transportation. Walk, bike, take the bus, or car(bon)-pool. Try out RIPTA’s new trip planner.

More details to come. Green Drinks will be a closing party for Green Zone and a good chance to see it before the plants are harvested and the tires roll away.

And back to the film talk, “Wall-E” (2008) borrowed heavily (some might…ahem…say stole) a lot of ideas from “Idiocracy.” You be the judge.


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