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Eat your vegetables, Sasha and Malia

You heard it here second (maybe first?), the Obamas will plant a vegetable garden on the White House grounds.  Maybe that’s why the fountain perhaps predicted this new development by spouting green water earlier this week.

You can read all about it in the upcoming O, The Oprah Magazine:

Michelle Obama: We’re also working on a wonderful new garden project.

Oprah: Will kids get to visit the garden?

Michelle Obama: We want to use it as a point of education, to talk about health and how delicious it is to eat fresh food, and how you can take that food and make it part of a healthy diet. You know, the tomato that’s from your garden tastes very different from one that isn’t. And peas – what is it like to eat peas in season? So we want the White House to be a place of education and awareness. And hopefully kids will be interested because there are kids living here.

Just keep repeating, O, The Oprah Magazine.  O, The Oprah Magazine. O, The O…

Got a little distracted.  Congratulations to the “Eat the View” campaign. And best wishes to the Obamas, our First Gardeners.


March 19, 2009 at 7:14 am 4 comments

Urban agriculture, DC-style

It may be beyond freezing cold on the streets and in the backyards of our fair city, but the Providence Journal has been thinking about Victory Gardens lately.

090121obamaLast week Sheila Lennon blogged about the “Eat the View” campaign urging the Obamas to plant an organic vegetable garden on the White House lawn. But it’s nowhere to be found on the Projo website???

The ETV website has a petition you can sign and a timeline of White House landscape history, with highlights like John Adams’s vegetable patch, Thomas Jefferson’s fruit trees, Edith Wilson’s grazing sheep, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s victory garden.

Today, Projo Food Editor Gail Ciampa wrote about the National WWII Museum‘s upcoming project, “Kitchen Memories: A National Conversation about Food During World War II.” The museum invites Americans to send in their personal recollections about wartime foodways, from food rationing to growing victory gardens.  While you’re at it, Rhode Islanders, send your victory garden memories to me, too!

Even more Victory Gardens in the Projo as of Sunday: “Victory gardens reappear.”

January 21, 2009 at 9:13 pm 1 comment

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