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Happy birthdays!

090704tires It’s the birthday of the USA, and it’s one year since I launched the Green Zone website.

090704cornfield090704cornwall090704mlkschoolgardenWhat a difference a year makes. We have a new president, and there’s a thriving vegetable garden on the grounds of the White House.

New gardens are sprouting everywhere! A brand-new community garden in Davis Park, a new garden in the works for the Davey Lopes Rec Center in South Providence, and a bunch of new school gardens here and there. And so many first-time backyard growers, too.

In the Summit neighborhood, there are flowerboxes full of vegetables on porches, and so many people have dug up their front lawns to plant ornamentals or grow their own food.

I spied this brand new neighborhood garden in Mt. Hope (3 top photos). Neighbors have taken over an empty lot. Guerrilla gardeners? Dig the ankle high dry-laid stone wall and the badminton court, not to mention the used-tire composter. And not far away is the MLK School Garden, which looks on target to harvest A LOT of delicious vegetables.

On this Independence Day, get independent.  In a pot or in a plot, grow your own food.


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Front yard to street: “Bite me.”

The blog has been looking kind of black and white lately, so it’s time to green it up and then some.

Architect Fritz Haeg’s Edible Estates project appeals to gardeners and urbanists alike. He launched an “attack on the front lawn,” which calls for eradicating grass and planting vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and bushes, and edible flowers. Haeg helped install a handful of demonstration gardens around the country and in London, and his lead has inspired many others.

In Providence, where many neighborhoods were developed in the 18th and 19th centuries, some houses are built up to the front lot line, and the front yard is a front porch. Near the corner of Vinton and Grove streets, residents festoon their facades with flowers or tend tomatoes above your front door.

The planters surrounding Phoenix Dragon Restaurant at the corner of Broadway and Battey St. are filled with eggplant, squash or melon, and other edible plants. Check out the incredible vines and fruits growing on a trellis in the parking lot!

Fritz Haeg wasn’t the first to advocate farming in your front yard. I’d like to think it was Dr. Montgomery. For some 25-30 years (at least), he has farmed his front yard and sidewalk strips on Morris Avenue. In this streetcar-suburban neighborhood on Providence’s East Side, Dr. Montgomery broke new ground in more ways than one.

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Green Zone planted on the web

Welcome to Green Zone. This blog is dedicated to Green Zone, a garden installation located at Firehouse 13 in Providence, RI throughout summer 2008. It will also survey wartime gardens, communikale and morning gloriesty gardens, edible landscapes, and the like.

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