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a bug surprise!

Last Wednesday, I was thrilled to find some bees…or, to be truthful, one bee…buzzing around Green Zone and enjoying the scarlet runner bean blossoms. Perhaps he got separated from the pack that was swarming around Turks Head Plaza.

Today, I went over to give Green Zone a quick drink, and encountered a big beautiful bug hovering over the garden. Surprise!

Emmanuel “Mystro” Barrada, one of the artist-residents at Firehouse 13 created this giant flying insect and planted it next door to Green Zone. I was completely blown away. I knew Manny was a sculptor who works in metal and who helps me look after the installation, but I had no idea that he was cooking up this project.

Thank you Manny for making this stunning scarecrow/guardian angel for Green Zone.


July 10, 2008 at 10:58 pm Leave a comment

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