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Green Drinks: plants crave Pabst

I stopped by Green Zone this afternoon to discover the aftermath of drunken revelry. The plants had downed a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and left the evidence strewn about. I have used PBR in my home garden to drown slugs, but who knew that the plants were sots for it, too?

Thankfully, Firehouse 13 will be serving up Narragansetts at Providence Green Drinks. That’s Thursday, from 5pm to 8pm, people. There will be non-alcoholic alternatives as well. Drinks are for sale; snacks are sponsored by me and my buddy Eva of Glasswing Design. NO PABST WILL BE SERVED.

And so as to avoid ending this post with the word or the taste of Pabst, here’s a little something from the Ladies Aid Society of Arnsville (probably Barnesville), Ohio. researching ladies aid groups and the U.S. Sanitary Commission will get me started on Civil War gardens. In their 1862-63 report, the B/Arnsville ladies called out:

Come then and help us. There is a great call upon everyone to aid in this great work. There is a great call for vegetables. Will you give them? Let every family form themselves into companies and pick and dry fruits. They call for dried fruits rather then canned. See to it that there are pickles prepared to send in abundance and you who have friends or sons in the Army, will you not pick out your longest row of potatoes and cultivate them nicely and when ripe, dig them and send to the Sanitary Commission. Or any other vegetables, you may have, will be acceptable. Bring them on, we will send them for you. Any contributions can be left at Mr. A.B. Glazer’s store so they will go safely and you will have no expense. Will you help us and prove that it is more blessed to give then to receive.!!!


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On the verge

Green Zone is teetering on the verge.

The garden is slowly shutting down as bugs and autumn and rootyness take over. I’m aiming to keep the plants alive through September. Green Drinks (on Sept. 18, be there!) will be a closing reception for the garden. Firehouse 13 is thinking about installing a bigger and brawnier garden next year, possibly with tires, so I’m leaving the Green Zone eight behind. Soil will be dumped back in my compost bin–or maybe at a new compost at Firehouse–and I’ll take the shopping bags to the store for recycling. I think the shoes will walk home with me for future planting.

The end of the September will also mark a new direction for the blog. RI Council for the Humanities gave me a grant to pursue research on the history of Rhode Island’s wartime gardens. Thank you, RICH! This will give me a chance to follow the leads I’ve found so far…30 acres of War Gardens at Brown and Sharpe, a guy in Bristol who still tends his WWII-era Victory Garden, local garden clubs who coordinated activities during the wars, etc. I’ll use the blog to post updates from my research.

As part of the public outreach for the grant project, I’ll organize a discussion panel to present my research and some other points of view on victory gardens. Look out for that next spring.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the verge…just like this pink and orange zinnia-filled verge on Doyle Avenue

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What plants crave: Green Drinks 9/18

Every garden needs a drink now and then. Water is great…but it can get a little dull day in and day out.

In Mike Judge’s brilliant film “Idiocracy” (2006), a pair of Americans time travel to 2505 to find that the country has grown dumb and dumber. One of the chief problems is that no crops will grow, because our nation’s farms are irrigated with Brawndo sports drink, aka The Thirst Mutilator. The American public is led to believe that Brawndo is best for plants, because according to its advertisers, “It’s got what plants crave, it’s got electrolytes!”

Not to be confused with Brawndo…Green Drinks is a worldwide network of informal happy hours for people who are interested in environmental issues. Providence Green Drinks is sponsored by the RI Environmental Network. I’m thrilled that Green Zone, Firehouse 13, and Glasswing Design will co-host the next Providence Green Drinks.

Here’s the lowdown for Providence Green Drinks in the Green Zone:
DATE/TIME: Thirsty Third Thursday, September 18, 5pm – 8pm
LOCATION: Firehouse 13 is located at 41 Central Street, Providence. 401-272-1801.
GETTING THERE: Green Drinks encourages Earth-friendly transportation. Walk, bike, take the bus, or car(bon)-pool. Try out RIPTA’s new trip planner.

More details to come. Green Drinks will be a closing party for Green Zone and a good chance to see it before the plants are harvested and the tires roll away.

And back to the film talk, “Wall-E” (2008) borrowed heavily (some might…ahem…say stole) a lot of ideas from “Idiocracy.” You be the judge.

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