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Hang on!

090626greenmanI’ve got a lot of things to write about. . .soon. In the meantime, make like this green guy I saw hanging off the pea trellis in my backyard garden. Yup, he’s a man made of pea tendrils.

Tonight catch a screening of “Taking Root, the Vision of Wangari Maathai.” It’s the kick-off for a new community garden at the Davey Lopes Rec. Center in Providence.

The invitation says: “This powerful documentary film tells the inspiring story of  Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner who is internationally recognized for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy, and peace.  Wangari founded the Green Belt Movement in Kenya Africa with women whose simple act of planting trees and food gardens grew into a nationwide movement to protect human rights and defend democracy.”

The event is free, and there will be refreshments (home-made ginger beer, lemonade, farm-fresh salad, and apples).

Where: Davey Lopes Recreation Center, 227 Dudley St, Providence
When: 5:30pm


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Providence Farm City

090513WGVurbanfarmersApologies to KISS…

Yesterday, I went to a meeting for Providence’s Urban Agriculture Task Force. Launched 4-5 years ago, it’s a confederation of state, local, non-profit, and individual representatives. Some of the projects initiated and/or completed by members include:

Amazing projects in Providence and beyond. And more to come. If you want to get involved, contact the UATF via Southside Community Land Trust.

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Day job


On Saturday (April 25), the RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission will host the Annual RI Statewide Historic Preservation Conference at the University of Rhode Island. This year’s event, “Preservation Steps Out,” will focus on preserving historic outdoor spaces, like farms, woodlands, conservation land, seashores, riverfronts, parks, village crossroads, and the like.

A lot of the day is devoted to issues relating to historic farms, from agritourism to farmers’ markets to barn preservation. I’m especially looking forward to the keynote speech by Steve Taylor, a dairy farmer and writer who formerly served as the Commissioner of Agriculture, Markets & Food for New Hampshire. His talk is called “Cows, Countryside, and Community: Can the Working Landscape of Rural New England Be Saved?”  Today’s Providence Journal features Bill Van Siclen’s conversation with Taylor.

And many other local agriculture people and places will participate: farmer and Senator V. Susan Sosnowski, Ken Ayars (RI-DEM), Stu Nunnery (RICAPE), Pat McNiff (Casey Farm), Nancy Parker Wilson (Greenvale Vineyards), Jeffrey Farrell (Sunset Farm), and Jim Crothers (South County Museum), to name a few.

Through Green Zone and at RIHPHC, I’ve spent the past year learning about the local food/farm/garden/land communities. The historic preservation perspective is complementary but different; preservationists often see farms as historic places with historic buildings and outbuildings, fields, ponds, woodlots, and stone walls. Preserving a sense of place while working the landscape is the particular challenge of the New England farmer.

See you for tours, sessions, talks, and networking at URI on Saturday. The conference costs $40, and registration is available on-site.  >>more info<<

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Green Zones Event…and Urban Ag Spring Start?

wargardensvictorious-wright1Check out the updated page for Green Zones: From the War Garden to Your Garden, a presentation on Victory Gardens, the Women’s Land Army of America, and how/why gardeners are growing their own food today. The event takes place on Tues., May 5, starting at 5:30pm at Firehouse 13, 41 Central St. in Providence.

A plan is stirring to hold an Urban Agriculture Spring Start Party afterwards. This will include seed/plant swapping, exchanging ideas, food, music, and kicking off the garden season together.

Community gardeners, backyard gardeners, local foodies, green folks, farmers, teachers, kids. . .can you help out with this emerging event?  Contact me at szurier at wesleyan dot edu or leave a comment, and I’ll be in touch.

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Eat your vegetables, Sasha and Malia

You heard it here second (maybe first?), the Obamas will plant a vegetable garden on the White House grounds.  Maybe that’s why the fountain perhaps predicted this new development by spouting green water earlier this week.

You can read all about it in the upcoming O, The Oprah Magazine:

Michelle Obama: We’re also working on a wonderful new garden project.

Oprah: Will kids get to visit the garden?

Michelle Obama: We want to use it as a point of education, to talk about health and how delicious it is to eat fresh food, and how you can take that food and make it part of a healthy diet. You know, the tomato that’s from your garden tastes very different from one that isn’t. And peas – what is it like to eat peas in season? So we want the White House to be a place of education and awareness. And hopefully kids will be interested because there are kids living here.

Just keep repeating, O, The Oprah Magazine.  O, The Oprah Magazine. O, The O…

Got a little distracted.  Congratulations to the “Eat the View” campaign. And best wishes to the Obamas, our First Gardeners.

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Apeiron, Abraham. Abraham, Apeiron.

uncle-sam-saysFickle Providence! Sometimes one must choose between gardens and history. I’m headed to the latter, but I’d love to hear from you about the former. Both events will take place Thursday, Feb. 26.

For the gardeners and foodies:
From 5:30-8pm, the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living is holding an Evolution Forum on Sustainable & Local Food: “We can have a big impact on the size of our ecological footprint with the food we eat, or don’t eat and by choosing where it comes from.” Panelists hail from RI-DEM/Agriculture; Farm Fresh Rhode Island; RI General Assembly; Ledge Ends Produce; and Southside Community Land Trust.

17 Gordon Avenue, Suite 207 Providence. $10 for non-members. 
More info: 401-228-7930

For the history buffs and Abrahamaniacs:
Starting at 7pm, RI Historical Society is holding a special event to open an exhibit on Rhode Island in the Time of Lincoln: “Though Lincoln made only two stops in RI, they were widely attended and remembered. But what did the RI that Lincoln visited look like?” Explore the exhibit, and listen to presentations about the people, places, and attitudes of the times.

110 Benevolent St., Providence
More info: 401-331-8575 x45

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Rhody golden oldies

riag_rwturkeyHeard of Rhody Fresh–the group of RI dairy farmers who produce and market milk from local cows? How about Rhody Warm–the farmers of the RI Sheep Collaborative who shear their herds and market local wool blankets? These two Rhodies are among the vanguard of Rhode Island farmers who are teaming up to promote local agricultural products.

The idea is not new, but of course you would expect me to say that. This IS a historically oriented blog. In the 1920s and 1930s, Rhode Island farmers were organizing with the help of the RI Department of Agriculture to market their products.  For instance…



How do ya like them (locally grown Rhode Island) apples?

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